I find myself simultaneously infinitely and oddly fascinated and entirely, speechlessly frustrated by the (social work) world around me which finds value in spirituality that is "different" and "alternative" but which has equally dismissed Jesus as having anything relevant whatsoever to contribute to humanity. Even as I write that, maybe that's the problem: Jesus in His glory as the heir of all things and the One to whom all things are and will be literally forever subject, deserves and requires a total space--not just a contributing spot. But how do I be a voice for His wholeness when I am "politely dismissed?" Man, I'm really beginning to be irritated in my life by "politeness" masking condescension or some other derogatory function. Makes me want to turn into some scathing fighter who can pound the politenessy pulp out of my "opponent"...


Blogger e said...

i completely understand your irritation. it seems like people just want to have control of their own lives and anything that infringes upon that control is to be sloughed off like so much dead skin. so many of my own experiences with social welfare peeps end up with me being frustrated that what they seem to be missing is the "truth" part of "truth and love." then, when working with the church, those things often seem reversed--only the "truth" part comes out at the expense of "love."

there's gotta be some sort of a balance. i just don't know how you act in a context that dislikes the portion of balance that you bring to the table.

how's that for a response that should have been summed up as "i dunno"....

5/26/2004 8:31 AM  
Blogger brad said...

Here, here! Meesch, excellent job putting that to words and, E, great interpretation. Fascinating stuff. And I think it goes much farther than just Social Work, we're talking about secularity to a large extent.

I often find in reading that one of the toughest temptations I fight is the desire to just let myself be weak and give in to cynicism, that frustrated spirit. It seems to me that cynicism is one of the ways that this balance of truth and love is cracked at the seam. Thanks, Michelle, for not being cynical and "fighting" in community.

5/26/2004 3:00 PM  

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