If I had a million dollars...

Ah, yes. I have a job at a temp agency Friday morning so as to make money doing flexible work during the summer's madness of wedding planning, moving to the Western burbs of Chicago, and summer classes. But what does it mean "to temp" really? To temp: temperature - to be hot or cold in the job search of life and default into working with a sultry mental glow that resembles a romantic, late night hue from the weather channel. To temp: template - to seek predetermined structure for the chaos of unproductivity within the software of the employement industry, just below the bottom rung of the capital poop shoot. To temp: temporary - to exist as a "stand-n-pick" countermeasure in the corporate scene where a sitting itch may appear just inside the fatty tissue of the glute and require some extra-ordinary effort. That being said, I would covet your prayers.


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