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the bank is all to willing to give me what I need in order to buy a car, and to therefore maintain my job. The idea of being in debt frustrates me, and yet at the juncture I now face whereby my car has been declared off-the-road, the only option available to me is to go into debt. I don't think I have any problems with debt other than the frustration of knowing I would rather be clear. I remember E, speaking to you about debt, and youmentioning that typically when you want something, you save up for it first. What do you do when that option does not exist because you absolutely require something in order to make money and sustain yourself? I am praying, and hoping that my petition is not too feeble to put before God. He hears my prayers even when they are about cars and loans....right? Sometimes I consider my needs so very menial.


Blogger e said...

yeah, i hate debt, even though it drives western economics right now. someone once told me that there are only three reasons to go into debt: to buy a house, to get an education, and to avoid starving to death.

i think buying a used car might fit in there too. but cars always depreciate, so don't go into too much debt to buy something that will be worth less than half its current value later.

6/01/2004 11:29 AM  
Blogger brad said...

Your attitude going into debt seems really mature, man. Rock on! My fiancee and I have been recently trying to look at our lives and the amount of it that will be spent paying off debt. It is a sad phenomenoe that we are going to treat like a game to enjoy playing together. We've been trying to break it into "good debt" and "bad debt", which is an interesting definitional challenge. Debt seems kind of like interactive, private taxes. Anyway, I'd love to hear what you learn in this process.

6/01/2004 5:28 PM  

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