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I'm back... sort of... I'm in a better point for channeling attention toward things like the blog for a time, anyway.  Whew! I just got done with an interesting experiment in eduction.  Graduate Summer School.  Philosophy class in the morning, Biblical Theology class in the afternoon.  8 am to 6 pm.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  We looked at some of the relationships between theology and philosophy in the last few centuries and analyzed the role of Christian philosophers toward integration by morning.  We did commentary work from Genesis to Job by afternoon.  It was like a knowledge enema.  (sp?) But wow, I have so much to go back to and sift through, it's amazing.  And wow, I am so tired. Lest anyone be left thinking I was upset or gone for personal reasons:  I apologize.  Lest anyone be expecting something totally different this time, I apologize again in advance.  I will blog happily when I can. Speaking of which, E, how do I post on the Hydra site?  I didn't see any 'create' markers or anything there. Wow, it's amazing to read about everything that you've all been doing lately. Roger, how did the Bible talk go at school?  That breakdancing story is so great!  I can totally see you doing that, by the way.  Rock on! E, I ran into Alex Glass in downtown Wheaton at the end of last week.  He told me to tell you hey.  He and paleo-mania are synonyms, I think I read somewhere.  He looks good and was as energetic as ever.  I have a third interview on Monday.  I was not offered the community development job for the Carol Stream community center that I posted for prayer about.  I inferred that my experience in the Hispanic community was a weakness in a mostly Black community context and that my entrepreneurial experience in ministry was a weakness in a 12 year old program.  But I was recommended to a different community development job within the organization that is just starting in a Hispanic community nearby called Warrenville.  It is that one that I have my third interview for.  Whoa.  Once again, I would crave your prayers. So, hola, Blogger World!  Que Dios nos bendiga en donde nos ecuentra ahora mismo, por su presencia! Bye!  


Blogger e said...

to post onto Hydra, you must follow the invitation i sent you and go through that.

to see it, just click on the first link under "blogs"

7/22/2004 2:33 PM  

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