The Sound of Silence

I regret to inform all three of the loyal readers and commenters :-) that I will be on vacation in the mountains of Pennsylvania until July 11th. So no posts from me until the 12th. I'll try to say something witty at that time. Before I go, I must leave you with this paraphrased but very serious conversation I overheard in the bathroom at the Arena Grand on Wednesday when John took us to see Spidey2 (good movie, BTW). I am not making this up. Guy1: When are they going to release the third movie? Guy2: I'm not sure. I think I heard 2006.... Guy1: 2006! I hope it's sooner than that! I hate waiting so long between the new Star Wars movies and this is a much better series. Guy2: I'm guessing that we'll be able to watch the movies in heaven, though. Guy1: You mean if Jesus comes back this year? Guy2: Yeah. I would guess that we'll be able to watch whatever we wanted then. Guy1: Except for R-rated movies [laughs] Guy2: Well, yeah. Guy1: I hope so. I was really upset that Back to the Future 3 wasn't going to come out until after the Rapture in '88. But thankfully, Jesus waited. Guy2: Maybe it will be like that in '04, too. Maybe we'll get to see Spiderman 3 afterall. Guy1: You mean before heaven? Guy2: Yeah, pre-Rapture.


Blogger brian estabrook said...

I'm very offended that you guys were eavesdropping on my conversation...

7/03/2004 4:14 PM  
Blogger Seth said...

Dude. That is scary stuff.

7/10/2004 12:49 PM  
Blogger Seth said...

When I write my big book on the Christian sub-culture I'm going to include a special (make that specially WRATHFUL) chapter on stuff like this; unwavering religiously inspired support of Israel, Left Behind, 'rapture' obsession, etc. It will piss people off, God will smile, and I will be glad. :)

7/10/2004 1:23 PM  

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