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Today at 2pm Central Time, I have my second interview with Outreach Community Ministries at their Outreach Community Center to run their Community Development Program. (www.outreachgrp.org) I'm really excited for this interview, actually. I haven't been this excited about doing community development work in a few years! So, I would really love your prayers! Last week, Lisa and I were over at some friends' house from church and I was telling them about this job and how I'd love to do it, and came to find out that the woman who will be interviewing me today and who would be my supervisor if hired is the sister of our friend, Cheryl, from church. Cheryl's cool and working with her sister makes the job seem even more appealing. Ah, Billy! So, even if I don't get the job, it seems like God is working all this together for some reason. I can't wait to find out what that is!


Blogger brad said...

The interview. What an interesting, long period of time I had yesterday.

I sat talking for an hour and forty-five minutes with the Director of the Community Center and the woman who would be my immediate supervisor. I'm amazed how much the work I'd be doing is like what I have done in the past, but on a more formalized, more "already worked out" level. In the past I was involved in the vision-casting, but here I'd be more like a "re-caster" or something.

But the thing that made the interview interesting is that I went in excited and left anxious. These women were "professional" in that "I can't read a single expression on your face" kind of way. And that for an hour and forty-five minutes! I definitely didn't have that "connection" like I've had in interviews before that make you leave excited. My first interview was more like that.

This interview conisisted of a lot of "what would you do" questions, which I assume let them know me better, showed how I think of my feet, and kind of put me on the spot. The best question I got was, "If you were a parent and there was a Muslim community center in your community that your child wanted to participate in, what would be some qualities of that center that you would expect in order to be comfortable taking your child there?" Wow!

So, thanks to any and all of you who were praying. It is an amazing privilege for someone like me, who's thinking about a life of community development, to be able to enter into a conversation at that level and feel out the "inner sanctum" of a community center's operation. Even if I don't get the job, rock on. But the excitement I have about doing it, has made it 100% success already.

I hear back after more interviews, end of next week.

6/25/2004 11:27 AM  

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