Prayer Request

Ah, Billy! I just got back from a wedding / college roommate reunion in New Mexico over the weekend. Whoa, stories to share. But later. Right now, I am getting ready for an interview for a job I would love to hold for the rest of my time in grad school and I would covet your prayers. The job would be directing a community development program at a local community center out here in the Western suburbs. You can read about it if you'd like: www.outreachgrp.org I would be at te Outreach Community Center, running the Community Development Program. You can click on the links there if you'd like. Thanks, ya'll! My interview starts at 2pm, Central Time!


Blogger John McCollum said...


That would be very, very cool. I'll pray for you right now.


6/14/2004 2:00 PM  
Blogger brad said...

John, thanks man!

The interview went great! I have a second one next week, early in the week. That gives me time to do most of the moving I have to do from the Northern burbs to the Western burbs this week / weekend. Sheesh! It's going to be a busy week.

6/15/2004 1:29 PM  

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