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I've just spent far too long trying to make sense of how to type up literature reviews, results, methods, etc., etc. and so forth for my 642 Advanced Research class. What I like: doing research, collecting data, playing with the cool SPSS program that analyzes it and makes spiffy charts to view trends... What I don't like: writing up the whole stinking mess...and not even being totally sure if what I am writing is even correct according to proper "research protocol"...blech!


Blogger brad said...

Sounds like Grad School, Meesch! :) Thanks for the check-in. It helps us know how to pray for you. But you're a great writer too and I'll bet write well the stuff you don't like writing. I hope you can get through it quick and on to the rest of your summer!

6/16/2004 12:34 PM  

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