anyone read Ender's Game before? I am about to finish this first book of the series. I like it, but I think that I was hoping for something a little meatier. Still, it is exciting. The Once and Future King, oddly enough, has kind of paralleled Ender--or vice versa--but in the mythological past rather than the future and with less of a militaristic flair. I was supposed to read this old book in college but didn't. Now I wish I had. There's some moralizing and philosophizing that seems a little shallow, but in general, it is the classic book that it was proclaimed to be through the mid point of the 20th century. It isn't quite as compelling as Lord of the Rings, but I can see it vying for best fantasy book. I'm a little surprised no one has made a movie of it. It's a hundred times better than Harry Potter....


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ender's game is one of my all time faves. i wasn't too crazy about the 3 sequels to it though. they take place many years after 'ender's game' and on another planet.

6/28/2004 12:25 PM  

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