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Okay, I'm not a big "surfer" like the rest of the Screwtape gallery seems to be. But these are some sites I thought were cool. Matthew's House Project http://www.thematthewshouseproject.com/ This is a site that was started as a part of the thesis work done by a guy from the Communications and Culture department I'm in at Trinity a few years ago. He was experimenting with ways to engage culture and started discussion forums at local Barnes and Nobles stores, engaging the public over classic and timely Christian literature. It got really popular and so he formalized it into what is a pretty popular site around Trinity. Acton Institute, Grand Rapids, MI Center for Economic Personalism http://www.acton.org/publicat/m_and_m/2001_fall/schmiesing.html This is an institute that is trying to influence Washington, without getting caught up in the culture of being Washingtonian. I have been really helpfully challenged by them in trying to learn about economics as a Christian and in thinking through Christian business stuff. Principles of Economic Personalism http://www.acton.org/research/ep/principles.html


Blogger Joshua said...

when we lived in chicago, j. robert parks befriended us through our church. he's a film critic who writes for matthew's house project and the phantom tollbooth, among other forums. he delivered the most memorable sermon i've yet heard on romans 5. what a great guy.

6/25/2004 12:43 PM  
Blogger brad said...

from the website, he sounds like quite the film critic. Thanks for the thoughts, man. It's great to hear stories like that; they personalize a site like this and make it something more tangible.

6/25/2004 12:57 PM  

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