T-minus 6 days....

I have 1 more paper to write. That brings the total number of pages to 80 or so over the last two weeks. Thanks for your prayers. I feel burnt out already! And I have a final exam--the first of my "generals"--starting today and lasting until Wednesday. Generals are the first major hoop I have to jump through (as if all of the other things weren't also hoops...). At the point, I'll accept a "pity pass." A pity pass is when a prof decides that, even though your work isn't worth the 'B -' that it takes to be an official 'pass' here, that you tried hard and (almost) deserve to pass. The problem with pity passes is, of course, that they look terrible on your record and make you an immediate candidate for dismissal down the road if a more promising person shows up on the horizon. So I'm praying for a 'B' or higher :-) Homer: "All work and no play makes Homer something...something...." Marge: "Go crazy?!?" Homer: "Don't mind if I do!!!" (goes crazy)


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