for those of you who are waiting for more talk on the evo stuff, i have to apologize--i've been too swamped for such drawn out thinking. for those of you who don't care and would rather read anything but that, you've gotten a good reprieve :-) but this will be to our benefit because in the meantime, al plantinga has been leading an adult sunday school class/discussion on all of this. the main point he's been driving at is that there is "deep concord" between science and christianity; "deep conflict" between naturalism and christianity. now i'm not an analytic philosopher so i can't always follow all of the rabbit trails into definitional positions, but so far it's matching up with the vast majority of what we've already laid out on this blog (though by far more detailed and...well...longer). right now, we're talking about evolutionary psychology. it's been the most exciting and nuanced part so far. when we get finished, i'll attempt to shoulder the pack and start blogging about this topic again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looking forward to it.
meanwhile, i think you need a holy spirit enema.;o

3/08/2005 8:36 PM  

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