"that's me in the Borders; that's me in the spork fight, losing my transmission..."

How do I put this gently? Gradschool sucks when it comes to having enough time to listen to new music. Yes, that is about the most superficial gripe you can think of...I recognize the superficiality. But I wanted to point it out nonetheless. I think I've heard one new album in the past three months and probably one in the three prior to that. So music pretty much stopped for me August 2004. There wasn't a particular day that the music died...it just sorta became inconveniently expensive and difficult to get a hold of (without stealing it of course). So this morning, I was listening to a little Lionel Ritchie (I can already hear Q saying, "No you didn't just say Lionel Ritchie!") and thinking of all the fun Luke and I used to have playing really cheezy/bad 80s music at high volume in the offices and running back and forth, trying to find the worst of the worst. (that luke secretly liked anyway) One thing led to another, and I ended up with an iMix. It doesn't represent anything really--good songs, bad songs. But I thought I would take advantage of consumer-oriented technology to share it with the rest of the blog-surfing world. I even included a little Damn Yankees just for Luke. "Let me start by saying...'I love you.'" --Lionel Ritchie, "Hello"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your post caused me to break into free association.

Is it possible that the 90210 Walsh/McKay duo for T.V. shows was based on the speical repore that Hall and Oates had for music? Or would was Walsh/McKay closer to Burns/Smithers?

The recent flick, Million Dollar Baby starring Eastwood and Hilary Swank deserves a comment. Does not Swank deserve a lifetime actress award for her career resume which includes The Next Karate Kid, Playing opposite Steve Sanders (Ian Zering) in 90210, followed by the bizarre action/thriller Boys Dont Cry and now a boxing champ?

If I were responsible for directing the boxing flick, I would force eastwood to break into a dirty harry cameo while training the girl. this will cause swank to respond with treating him like he is mr. myiagi. As the drama unfolds, steve sanders will show up and play peacemaker like he tried when dylan went off his rocker when the blonde kelly dumped him for brandon. Only to be finished by the girl who played opposite swank making that special epiphany face when she discovered swank's identity. I cant believe I was not consulted for creative assistance on this oscar nominated flick? Could there be a more fitting tribute to such a diverse acting portfolio?

I think that this would be the pinnacle of unintentional comedy. All we would need is a soundtrack to match. The cure, the violent femmes and at a Kenny Loggins and Kenny G duo would be involved.

That was the freest free association I have played in awhile... back to the chemistry journals.


2/17/2005 7:40 AM  
Blogger lucas said...

you rock my socks off...

i was just thinking that it would be great to listen to a little george michael or al green, but no, now i'm gonna be singing "can you take me HIGH ENOUGH... can you fly me over... yesterday..." all freaking day long.

and i still don't get it. the girl is blind in that lionel ritchie video. she's blind. and he says, "hello, is it me you're looking for?" so tasteless. next thing you know, i'll be wailing "all night long" all day long.

thanks, thanks a lot.

2/17/2005 9:07 AM  
Blogger e said...

man, i was weeping while reading both of your comments. first of all, i'd totally forgotten that hilary swank was in the karate kid. that is hilarious! then i was just imagining shelley miller calling and luke playing terrible 80s music in the background, trying to turn it down quickly before she suspected your listening tastes were terrible.

rock on!

2/17/2005 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just an off topic post for you.

I am amazed at how efficient kids are at learning. I was reading a book called The Fifth Discipline and Senge suggest that adults leave little time for reflection that kids are natural at doing. For example, kids play with dolls and action figures and learn social interaction. A swing and teeter-totter teaches dynamics. Blocks teaches geometery and mechanics. So, by the age of 4, they are capable learners in practice. So, Senge asks why adults are so far ahead theoretically but practically deficient.

Any ideas?


2/18/2005 2:15 PM  
Blogger e said...

I'd blame it on TV.

But assuming I can't do that then I'd blame it on other adults. I mean when was the last time you went out and had a good teeter-totter with someone? Or played four-square?

2/19/2005 2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The last time I played kid games was with Ian at our opening day at central vineyard. this is to my dismay.

To explain this incongruity, I think it derives from the way I was raised in school. Sadly, the first time in my educational life I had a teacher who realized that a day should have time for thinking and reflection was my research professor in my junior year of college.

Most adults, myself included, mistakenly believe that the best way to learn is from having a person before you, working through problems in a book. Just look at our educational system and you will see this myth reproduced daily.

Well, I am in need of a paradigm shift if you will. THe bad thing is that at times, my old ways seem to think that playing and thinking like a child has no practical utility.


2/20/2005 8:45 AM  

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