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Keep up with the valuable work John is doing in Cambodia, his home away from home away from home. His tales will amaze, frighten, embolden, maybe even touch your heart. And you get the benefit of tracking his travels while not getting sunburnt yourself. Speaking of sunburnt, any way Asia's Hope could establish itself in a less hot/humid part of Asia, like say Outer Mongolia or the tundra of Yakutsk, Russia?


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I like Asia's Hope answer much more than the celebrities and world leaders who attend the World Economic Forus in Davos, Switzerland. The media has a way of portraying celebs and those in the public eye as the new beacon of truth. Their jargon of taking responsibiltiy and tough choices are code for let someone else pay. I agree with Bono that this generation could end poverty... and Asia's Hope is one step closer in that direction.


1/28/2005 8:33 AM  

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