Christmas Joy?

Do others of you fluctuate between seeing the truest, deepest, reality of Christmas--that of the Incarnate God of the Universe, humbled into infant flesh, for the redemption of creatures such as we--absolutely altering the course of human history......and being caught up in the frenzied ridiculousness that is presents-cards-shopping-holiday parties-baking, etc. and find some dissonance? I "got into Christmas" two weeks ago and was full blown into gift-giving and celebrating but somehow swung backwards into the experience that for some, Christmas is empty because it misses the ultimate point of Jesus' birth, and because no one around them helps them to know it. The intention becomes a shell or shadow of it's reality. This evening again, that saddens me, while at the same time part of me wants to burst out into Joy to the World! because the real truth of the matter is that when the King came to us, it did all change.


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