the baby that wouldn't stop crying

it's been one of those days. g won't sleep. she's up again for the 5th time in 5 hours. she's not sick (as far as you can tell with a baby), but she's now started to flip herself over onto her stomach while she sleeps and she hates it. (go figure--why would you flip yourself over if you didn't like the result ever?) so match that with the Exam of Damocles that is currently suspended above my head giving me 5-hr. or less nights of sleep (for my second consecutive week) and you have poopville waiting to happen. speaking of poopville, we watched the old Charlie Brown Christmas special tonight. it's much better now that i'm an adult. i used to think it was so boring as a kid--except for the part where they go to aluminum-tree-land but pull an Adbusters and buy a pathetically cute tree. now i understand the subtle adult humor of the thing and it's much better. why do most cartoons suck now? i'm mr. positive tonight, no? while you're up reading this, can you get me some milk and some peppermint stick ice cream? i'm sleepy and have to keep reading about Francis Bacon. On a completely random, unrelated note, I thought this was a great liturgical explanation of advent. And speaking of liturgy, I can't believe we're worshiping at a liturgical Christian Reformed Church now. It's really a cool place. But after VCF, I didn't think I'd ever like something like this again. Instead, we walk out every Sunday thinking, Wow, I never thought about (insert Bible passage here) that way.... The expository teaching we're getting combined with some of the more traditional things about small liturgical church that I like is refreshing (e.g., organs, choirs (small), time for people to stand up and share what's on their hearts in the middle of the service, the ability for non-staff to play such a huge roll in the day to day operation of the church, every service has some elements that are the same but is flexible enough to change on the spot if necessary, etc.). Dang, this is turning into procrastination.


Blogger lucas said...

Man, E. Peppermint stick ice cream, that one is going to eat at me all day till I go and get some, now I'm craving it.

On another note. You should watch the Star Wars Christmas special. Funny stuff. (Not really, just painful)

Oh and the Fragglerock Christmas Rock too.

PS when you're here in c-bus, you gotta come over and watch the two Ewok movies with me. I got them one one DVD totally stoked about that one.

12/16/2004 9:23 AM  

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