i'm at a place called exam week

wanna read an album review by someone who didn't listen to the album but talked to her friends, watched some TV commercials, and then relied on her ability to write reviews to review it? here you go.


Blogger John McCollum said...

Hey, someone's got to be a dissenter.

But, yeah. The review is is quite a hack job.

12/13/2004 11:33 AM  
Blogger Seth said...

The review in 'The Other Paper' was a hack job too.

Basically, the reviewer took the old cliche that U2 - Bono esspecially - are a bunch of overblown egos.

Then complained the album wasn't Joshua Tree.

Then tried to quote lyrics PROVING their egos but instead took them terribly out of context.

And every worse, she couldn't even get the lyrics RIGHT. I mean, GOD DAMN they're in the liner notes! You can find them for FREE, in fact!

I was mad enough to write a letter. But then my better senses took hold... that feeling of 'don't be that guy.'


Oh, Eric, John tells me you're at grad school at Notre Dame (she hot, or what?)

Anyway, I'm appling for Div School at Yale, and wanted to you to look over my 'personal statement' and 'academic writing sample.'

I just recently completely reworked the personal statement, and plan on tweaking the sample too. An older buddy of mine is at Duke Theological, and just had some great comments.

So I figure, what's more of a good thing, right? :)

But, absolutely do your exams... :)

12/13/2004 1:57 PM  
Blogger John McCollum said...


If you misspell his name, he won't read your thingymahoojits.


12/13/2004 5:10 PM  

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