I would rather continue the evo stuff. But I gotta switch gears with my 1.324536 minutes of free time to report on our regularly scheduled life. Some good stuff has happened and I should report, rather than just complaining all the time. This seems small, but it feels pretty big: B and I have (almost) become official members of the South Bend Christian Reformed Church. We met with the elders (I think there were 8) and pastors (2) and they asked us questions, we gave our testimonies, talked about suggestions for how to improve the church, etc. It was one of the first times where I've been involved in an organized church where I felt like my presence mattered. At SBCRC we are anything but numbers and that was peruasive enough--on top of the good preaching, prayer, theology, and leadership-- to convince us to sign up. Even better, one of the elders called today to ask B if she would consider going on staff as the youth pastor part time. Yes, we are not yet members, yes, we did not grow up in a reformed tradition, but they were gracious enough to see past the (in my mind) superficial attributes or lack thereof and into B's real gifts. I gotta tell you this is a big deal for us. Those of you who have known us for a while know that we really feel strongly led to work with teenagers and young adults. I mean, I'm going back to boot camp...er...school, in part, to get back into that kind of a world. For B, this is an unlooked for but much appreciated blessing. Anyway, I thought I'd share that with the world. Thanks for reading.


Blogger Scott Sloan said...

E, that is great that you and B have found a church. Sometimes and old fashioned church is the best place to receive good theology, good preaching, etc. And on top they must be really impressed with both of you to ask B to lead their youth ministry.

It sounds like the Lord has guided both of you to the right place.

1/21/2005 7:56 AM  
Blogger e said...

scott, either "impressed" or "desperate" :-)
i can't tell which....

1/21/2005 8:52 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

hey guys great news!!!!

press on...

we miss you in c-bus

Mike & Mindi

1/28/2005 12:09 AM  

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