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i wanted to post this for those afraid that uncle screwtape might be the most long-winded blog out there. jeesh. but he's going to do good things in cambodia, so i suppose he can be forgiven. in other news, i'm building a website for our department. well, not exactly for the department--for a special program we're running this summer. i've learned a couple of things about websites. (1) any moron can put one together (2) it's really hard to put one together that doesn't look like it's been thrown up by some moron. so if you know anyone who's put together an excellent looking website, give them a pat on the back. then ask them to share their skillz with you. i'll get back to the evol stuff in a few days--after more than two people have commented. interestingly enough, Alvin Plantinga, one of the most, if not the most respected Christian philosopher currently residing on planet Earth has been running Adult Sunday School (ASS) at church lo these last two weeks. his topic: evolution and christianity. wow. i wish i was that smart. i wonder if i should just post his notes up here. of course if you were hoping to just read something quick, think about it for a minute, and then dump it out of your mind, you shouldn't go anywhere near Al Plantinga. so, perhaps i will just try to sum up what he's said. interestingly enough, it corresponds well with what's already been posted, so that's encouraging. crap. i'm late for class. you'd think at the age of 30, i'd have gotten past the point of saying phrases like that. but no. i have the "late" gene.


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I have been off the scene for a while, transfering to a new school to teach, and finding that with a new job comes a time of great uncertainty...especially in a school where everyone expects you to know stuff you have not been told. I do wonder how long ignorance shall aid me as a valid excuse. I am at a lower-achieving school and have had to shift my teaching skills onto a new plane entirely. Behaviour at this school isnt as good, management isnt as good, and I am not as good as I thought. I guess being at a good school makes you think you are good purely because the system around you is so in your favour. Outside that context you suddenly realise how many people, uinknown to you, were working on your behalf to make life easier. I have to raise my game, and to be honest, Im loving it.

1/19/2005 8:05 AM  

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