good weekend

thank you matt, brant, scott, john, toby, cory, and especially mom and andy for a great interlude to the first few weeks of the semester. i needed it. upon a couple of suggestions, i removed the "suggestive" candle image from the last header. if you thought it was dark before.... i figure Uncle Screwtape needs his own presence, even when he's off tempting somewhere else in the world. and the three of you who used to share this space...all i can say is 'I'm sorry.' if you're still interested, we can attempt to put everyone back 'on.' i'm not sure how everyone got erased...hopefully no one's feelings got hurt. anyone? Bueller? Bueller? [sound of crickets.]


Blogger Ray said...

Very nice design. What font are you using in the logo? I love it...

1/24/2005 4:41 PM  

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