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I can't not point to this U2 article. Yes, it's craven star-worship. Yes, we already have too much of that in our Big Me society. But if anyone deserves this...if any four deserve it...it would be these guys. [Somehow I have this sinking feeling that I just discredited all of that stuff I wrote about evo. Please allow me to indulge my U2 obsession for a moment....] Oh, by the way, we got tix to the Chicago show on May 9th, but we'd like to go with other people. If you know anyone who's going to that show or has tix to that show but would rather go to another show, we have friends who didn't get tix and would like to go to that show with us. Perhaps there is an exchange that can be worked out? Or perhaps someone would like company to Chicago? Or a place to crash before/after? Lemme know.


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