california dreaming

"she said you're like a disease without any cure...." wife and daughter: basking in the L.A. haze. me: enjoying an inch of snow, gusty wind; ah, spring in northern indiana.... number of lights on in the house: 0 electronic devices in use: at least 4 pages written since friday: 6 pages i should have written: 18 days of class left: 2 days until b&g return: 7 meals i can expect to eat between now and then: 5 (2-mom; 1-small group; 1-dave; 1-classmates) likely number of showers that will be taken over next week: 2.33 number of small children to frighten with my hirsute and unkempt appearance: 4 likelihood that i will utter the words "ontological," "deontological," "non-epistemic," or the phrase "quit being such a positivist" sometime in the next two days: 99.99% procrastination techniques deployed against writing papers or reading: 345,734,639 probability that those procrastination techniques will come back to bite me in the arse: 100% apathy at this moment: 99% apathy that will be expressed about same subject matter when facing a professor whose almighty hand wields the power to alter my future: .1% (when appropriate) fingernails bitten off at that time: 6


Anonymous Anonymous said...


like the stats and probablility analysis. you give me a good laugh. missed seeing you for the nfl draft. it would have been great to watch it with you if you had the time. the way guys who never played or have careers that are over explain palyers is a riot.

here is some eye candy for you


imagine b coming home to this contraption. a machine that makes 50 sushi peices a minute (or 3000 and hour) jsut hilarious


4/25/2005 9:01 AM  
Blogger lucas said...

So do you scare little children because you look like a grizzly bear?

4/25/2005 10:33 AM  
Blogger e said...

matt-- i like to thing that when you sign "mtg" that it's like "booker t. and the mg's" They were a good band. That sushi machine is terrifying. Brooke would divorce me if I bought it. Actually she wouldn't divorce me, she'd just make me clean it up after use.

luke--grizzly bears smell better than me. also, they catch salmon with their bear hands. get it..."bear" instead of "bare".

also grizzlies are funnier. like in The Great Outdoors when the bald grizzly knocks in the door on John Candy and jumps up and down. And then they blow the hair off its arse and it runs away.

good stuff.

4/26/2005 1:37 AM  

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