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The more I read about No Child Left Behind, the more I get the impression that it's less about doing what's best for kids and schools and more about pushing public education toward privatization, which would save the government money and also create further social and economic stratification. In other words, it would keep the poor schools poor and it would allow rich schools to earn even more money--and it would alleviate the government's need to pay for the transition. Finally, someone is challenging this policy, though not for the reason I would have hoped for. But if you're going to challenge the federal government these days, I suppose it has to be on their terms.


Blogger Inheritor of Heaven said...

As a public school teacher I think I agree with your comments about No Child Left Behind. I often wonder what might happen to public schools if people helped and prayed for them rather than bashed them all the time (or tried to dismantle them through NCLB).

8/26/2005 8:40 AM  
Blogger e said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting. How in the world did you get here?!?

And I like your blog.

So...public school teacher...is there a solution to the problems (even a long term one) or are we stuck with either problematic/negative "solutions" or nothing at all?

8/27/2005 7:57 PM  

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