beginner's luck

I've learned that the Dutch love to cook. And being at a Christian Reformed Church, surrounded by Dutch people (mostly born in this country), I've learned that I really like their cooking. But there's one thing that's disappointed me--they find something they're good at and they stick to it, rarely venturing away from their recipe. So imagine my surprise when out of the twenty-or-so entries to our church's annual chili cook-off, my name got called for the People's Choice award. I fashioned a type of middle eastern chicken chili (which I unsuccessfully attempted to steal from Aladdin's on High St. last time we were in Columbus) with lots of foreign spices--foreign to my fellow Dutch cooks, anyway. And for some reason they voted for it, though it didn't look, smell, or taste like "normal" chili. Just goes to show: Even blind ducks have to quack some time. Or they freeze to death in the cold, cold river during winter. And that's just sad. The End.


Blogger John McCollum said...

I'm proud of you, man. Good job!

When I get the Element Cafe kitchen installed, you'll have to come back and cook it for us.

Go Bucks.

12/05/2005 1:23 PM  

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