francis schaeffer wore knickers

i think the old man of l'abri said it best--in his unusually high voice--you can only believe in one of two things: (1) an impersonal, infinite force or (2) an infinite-personal God. No one can get themselves to believe that there is really nothing out there--that we are all alone in a meaningless universe. Schaeffer illustrated it this way: draw a circle on a chalk board. What is that circle inscribing? Nothing, right? Now erase the circle. That is what you say you believe if you are atheist. You cannot be a humanist and an athesist because there is Nothing-nothing to start from. There was nothing in that circle and then there was no circle: Nothing-nothing. So you cannot believe that humans are supposed to make something of ourselves, better society, "do our duty"--as Darwin said--if there is Nothing-nothing in back of everything. So, yes, all people believe there is something out there. It's just a matter of whether that Something has a face and whose face it is.


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