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another excellent and provocative book on community. not to stir the pot on the whole small church vs. large church issue: this seems to be more focused on the theology of community versus individualism from John the Baptist, through Jesus, Peter, Paul, and the earliest ekklesia through the Constantinian state-wide church. he even mentions Augustine and the contribution of The City of God: "When did the church no longer venture to say that it was the messianic location of absolute renunciation of violence? When did the church no longer understand itself as God's contrast-society? When did the idea of being God's sign among the nations recede in its awareness? When we ask questions with this precision, it is clear that the so-called 'Constantinian Turn' marks a profound break. And if we seek a literary indication of this break, Augustine's City of God must in any case be mentioned. This last great apology, the climax of all Christian apologies, reflects some very clear shifts...." --Gerhard Lohfink, Jesus and Community (Eng. trans. 1984). pp. 181-182.


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