coming hemi-clean

(1) I absolutely loved this movie. (2) this site now makes me question the above assertion. (3) The HPS program at Notre Dame gave me the thumbs up and the moolah that we were hoping for. After much prayer, hand wringing, and asking people if they felt this was God's way of pushing us into an area he's called us to or our way of manipulating the situation to make ourselves feel important, the decision is to go to Indiana. (4) I'm terrified of Indiana. (5) We're only about 4 weeks out from being parents. T & T Conrad helped us set up a baby bed and the stroller over the weekend. On top of the baby room (furnished by the love and cash of family and friends), we have only to pack our bags and initiate labor before we're officially parents. (6) I'm terrified of infants. (7) I'm okay with toddlers. I really, really like older children and teenagers. I feel more comfortable around college-age young adults than older people. But the infants thing...the constant pooping and crying...the lack of any discernible motivation other than to eat and crap and sleep.... Wow. Can't wait. (8) Tooth-loss, bike rides, long discussions under the stars, cartoons, seashells, Christmas, Monopoly, Risk, youth sports, parent/teacher conferences....these are the things I am excited about. (9) Anyone want a 3 bedroom Clintonville house, cheap? (10) I have a shiny new G4 laptop. I caress it. I hold it close when I sleep. I keep soda miles away from it. I am typing on it now and the little tap-tap of the keys sounds like a lullaby. I want to set my TV on fire and clip any internet connection, so concerned I am about the prevalence of porn or corn or televangelism or marketing foisted upon my soon-to-be-impressionable child. Technology sucks because it sucks us in; it is self-affirming. I fear its affect upon my child. I don't want them to become the technology slave that I am. I want them to run barefoot and free in the fields with other children...not attached to laptops or cellphones or any of our other accoutrements. (10) I want to run. (11a) I want to hide. (11b) I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside. (12) (a) I want to reach out and (b) touch the flame. (13) Jeff, you can't blame this one on sleep depravity. (14) Stream of Consciousness is a euphemism for "I'm no good at forming coherent thoughts, so instead of putting in a few hours really assembling my thoughts or constructing an argument, I'm going to arrogantly force you into trying to read my schlock, make sense of it, and still consider it meaningful." (15) fin


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