My Dear Mogslopper,

You are correct, the middle way, the way of moderation--that is the path we should be leading them away from. All of our tempting is in vain if, after months and years of slogging it out in the stinking trenches of Earth, your patient is still a tempered, self-controlled gentleman. In regard to their employment, they should be nigh unto enslaved to it by choice. Indentured servitude in the name of love or self-sacrifice is no good to our Cause; the work-a-day slug putting his nose to the grindstone eighty hours a week, foregoing all significant time with his comrades, unable to put any energy toward concentrated time with the Enemy or with his own wife--primarily because he would like to purchase a vacation home--this is the man we want. Your patient should be stretched tight like an elastic band, all in the name of advancement or material gain, of course. In matters of the Enemy, however, we expect the opposite strategy out of you. The spiritual arena should be one of great mediocrity for your patient. An apt Junior Tempter such as yourself should be expending great efforts in keeping your patient from expending any of his. As I've discussed at length already, distraction is a primary way of keeping your human unaware of greater spiritual realities. But there are other even more appetizing perversions to drive your patient toward once his eyes have been opened to the Real World. Keep in mind your patient is a Christian and, therefore, has been exposed. Temptation to ignore This Side will be largely ineffective; it is unlikely that your man could be made a true materialist. It is not impossible, but it is also unlikely that your man could become a magician, handling the Reality instead of being subject to it. This would be a violation of the Rules of a lovely magnitude, but a waste of your talents. Your method should instead be directed at making your man a Pharisee. The Leaven of the Pharisee is an acquired taste but, once you've had a sprinkle of it, you'll never go back to plain Lust or Gluttony. Baked in the hot ovens of religion, Pharisee Leaven contains a luscious core of Pride and Vanity subtle up front and like a strong liquor in the finish. And it has an interesting side effect: once let out into the open, the leaven spreads from human to human like a virus. Of course, the Enemy will be constantly at your patient's side through the trials and tribulations you put him through. You cannot make the mistake of allowing your patient's guard to go down for even a moment. If you play him right, his soul will be shiny and reeking of religion on the outside but hollow and filled with the ossified remains of a dark, half-remembered faith on the inside. The glory of it all is that your patient will barely sense the nothingness creeping over formerly vibrant aspects of his communication for and with the Enemy. For His part, the Enemy loathes Pharisee Leaven and will throw all available resources at untwisting your patient. Since His resources are lamentably larger than ours, it will take creative footwork on your part to ensure your patient's demise. There is little I can tell you to prepare for the innumerable battles that you will face other than that I, for one, fought with the wiles of Our Enemy and won the feast, er, human. His great weakness (which He asserts is a strength) is that He will not directly overpower His creation. He will not force it to do His bidding. That would be antithetical to "Love", as He puts it. Happily, we are not constrained by such an abstract and, frankly, useless concept. Bend him, Mogslopper! Affectionately, Your (hungry) Uncle


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