"Tradition is a dialogue extended through time..."   - Trevor Hart, Faith Thinking, p 228 "Christians need to be less concerned about being left behind in the rapture, than in the search by God for those who will glorify Him."   - Pastor Stuart Ruch, 'On Christianity as God's life dream for us' "[An] eschatalogical transformation of the community explains Paul's extraordinary affirmation that the purpose of God's reconciling work in Christ is 'that we might become the righteousness of God'... The Church community is a sneak preview of God's ulitmate redemption of the world...  If the Church manifests the righteousness of God, it does so in just the way Jesus did:  through suffering and death for the sake of others.  The vocation of God's people entails suffering (compassion)..."   - Richard Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament, p 36


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