This is not a "diatribe."

This is "shock treatment."


Blogger brad said...


And yet I have to say that his application is only one way to do Christianity; perhaps this is the emphatic principles of "The Church" that his corporate group will live out. But Bruderhof is not "The Church".

I disagree with his use of the term "institution" in saying that The Church is not an institution. It is a pivotal institution and even though the 1960s made this out to be a bad word, you can't have any corporate setting of any kind without good (or bad) institutions. The Church is the most important institution and his narrow use of the term is going to unfortunately rule out the good it's doing where it is done well.

Good article, though. And if its effect is to shock the right readers into better seeing Christ as central and sovereign over the Church and chruches, then rock on!

7/27/2004 12:09 PM  

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