I just want to use your love tonight

Hartman and I have been taking classic 80s songs and "improving" their lyrics by substituting new ones that fit our lives. Here's a recent attempt. For context: George Marsden is a well-known historian here at Notre Dame; Alvin Plantinga is a relatively famous theologian and philosopher here. The tune is The Outfield's break-away hit "Your Love". I saw George Marsden in church today Hung around after the sermon Walked up to him like I had something to say Thought I'd grow out of this as I got older "I just want to shake your hand todaaay. I didn't read your book but that's okaaaay." Went looking for someone to talk to Plantinga's standing in the corner You know I'd do anything to talk to him So I go up to him and then I sputter, "I just want to shake your hand todaaaay. ...oh... I didn't read your book but that's okaaay." Bridge: I can't keep my hands from shaking Something that I said's not making sense It's been awhile since I was in school I can't hide the way I'm sweating Grabbed free coffee and walked out the door Can't forget what they told me: George said, "You're right"--Al, "No, you're wrong" I'm never washing this sweaty palm. George Marsden shook my hand in church todaaaay. Yeah. Plantinga saw me sweating and walked awaaaaay. --and so on--


Blogger John McCollum said...

Wow. If it's written like that, I might actually read your dissertation.

10/04/2004 7:56 AM  

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