for those who don't know me

I was struck by a couple of similar-seeming comments that I've heard over the last few days. The first was by my wife, who said--as we were in the middle of a youth meeting for 9th-10th grade girls (we were talking very candidly about sex outside of marriage)--"yeah, I wouldn't have married you if I first knew you in middle or high school." The second was by Nate Davis, who after looking at this blog said that even with several clues, he couldn't figure out who I was. This is not an existential crisis. But I realized that I've changed so much in the last 15-20 years that people who knew me in grade school or even in my first year or so of college probably would have no idea who I was just by reading this blog (or seeing my picture). And then I thought that aside from probably John, Ray, and Jeff (and maybe Brant, too), there are precious few people that have seen me before and after middle/high school or could relate to my transition from faithful (if awkward and uncomfortable) conservative Christian to whatever it is I am now. On that note, I think that the next phase for this nearly 3 year old blog is for me to let anyone who cares to read it know where I've come from, what I stand for now, and what I still don't understand (this last category grows daily larger). I'm trying to think of what to call posts that follow this theme.... NPR has a "This I Believe" segment, but that sounds way too pretentious. Any suggestions?


Blogger John McCollum said...

You're Eric Patterson, from Waukesha, right?

'Cause that's who I thought I've been talking to all these months...

12/07/2005 6:11 PM  
Blogger John McCollum said...

(cueing "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes)

12/08/2005 12:05 AM  

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