uh oh

this plus this equals: Should'a had an exit strategy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, NOT good. And now there's nothing that can really be done to deal with Iran b/c our credibility is shot and military a little overextended -- absent a true, rather than backdoor, draft, or the willingness to get murderously brutal (and Lord don't let it come to that). Not to get all political and stuff, but, WOW, did we need a change in 2004. Too bad Wesley Clark blew the early Democrat primaries, b/c, at least foreign policy wise, he was one of the few who might have been able to dig us out of this mess....


2/23/2006 3:33 PM  
Blogger 3rp said...

Erik, I really appreciate you and your blogging. But I must disagree with you. If you want to talk "shoulds", the fact is that we shouldn't have had an EXIT strategy, we should have had a strategy for dealing with the threat of terrorism that did not include invading Iraq in the first place. What is happening today was a forgone conclusion before the first boot or bomb landed in the sand all those miles away.


2/24/2006 1:05 PM  
Blogger e said...

Rich--you are, of course, right on.

At least we haven't invaded Iran or Syria. I thought that would happen in 2004 or 5.

2/26/2006 11:00 PM  

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