music for refenestration

whatever that means. don't know what would qualify here, but i'm liking the following bands right now that have "happier" music, (also) whatever that means (i make no claims about how happy you might feel after listening--just me): 1. Destroyer, "Destroyer's rubies" (sounds like New Pornographers--mostly because the lead singer is one of them) 2. Explosions in the Sky, "Earth is not a cold, dead place" (like M83, maybe Mogwai, lighter than Godspeed you blobidy blobidy....) 3. The High Dials, "War of the wakening phantoms" (can't help but think of the Yardbirds when i hear high dials) d. Band of Horses, "Everything all the time" (okay, i haven't listened to this all the way through, but it sounds good so far--pretty neil youngy) 5. Aberdeen City, "The freezing Atlantic" (not a scottish band, they're from Boston--not super happy, but a good Who-like sound) q. Deerhoof, "Runners' four" (doesn't sound like anyone i know. weird and wonderful. i can't get enough of this album.) m. Cat Power, "The Greatest" (cat power sounds like cat power. this is less folky than last album but still good) 4. half-handed cloud "thy is a word & feed need lamps" (happy-christian brit pop. sometimes i even like their lyrics. its worth a listen simply because neds-fox likes them so much). does that help?


Blogger Andy Whitman said...

Those New Pornographers kids are super talented. My favorite is A.C. (Carl) Newman, who writes most of the New Porno songs, and who records under his own name (A.C., and part of Zumpano). But guitarist Todd Fancey has a great solo album as well (called "Fancey"), and Neko Case, everybody's favorite girl singer, records great country-noir albums under the name of, wait for it, Neko Case.

Don't like Deerhoof. Sorry. I tried. I agree with the "weird" part, though.

I like the Band of Horses album. You might like the earlier incarnation of the band, called Carissa's Weird. Yeah, a definite Neil Young influence, which isn't quite so evident in the earlier albums.

Half-Handed Cloud. Brit pop by way of Berkeley, California. I don't know. I need to give him another try. My only exposure is a live appearance at Calvin College last spring, in which he reminded me of Mr. Rogers singing Sunday School songs.

More recent happy-clappy music I've liked: Rock Kills Kid, who sound like early U2, but sunnier and less earnest. K.T. Tunstall, whose new album "Eye to the Telescope" is good girl pop with substance, and Golden Smog's "Another Fine Day" (out in July), a supergroup composed of members of Wilco, The Jayhawks, and Big Star, who made good ol' fashioned rock 'n roll influenced by The Rolling Stones and The Faces.

4/11/2006 4:13 PM  
Blogger e said...

Whitman, you don't like Deerhoof? What's next? "I've decided I'm just not that fond of Jesus...."

j/k. no really, i didn't like them at first either.

but it's better than, say, this alternative.

at least i think so.

4/12/2006 9:18 AM  

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