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I've been delinquent on these things. Well, no more! Of course, the only book I've been reading is a philosophy of science one, so the quotes may not be as dramatic or evocative as say Jacques Ellul or C.S. Lewis. Oh well. "Science, it is widely believed, speaks with authority on a broad range of matters. Many people enthusiastically welcom that authority, seeing science as representing the ultimate hope for humanity--the bright light of reason triumphant over ignorance, superstition, bigotry and human finitude. For others, however, science's claim to authority is not a legitimate claim at all, and the very real power science nonetheless wields is seen as dragging in its wake the devaluation of all that is most precious, the shattering of all that is most fragile, and the technological straightjacketing of life and hope. Perhaps most numbing, on this latter view, is science's alleged ripping through the beauty of reality and claiming to find beneath it only a temporary, ultimately meaningless, chaotic fury of blind matter and energy." --Del Ratzsch. Science & It's limits. IVP: 2000. pg. 7.


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