Mogwai feeding after midnight

Your pious pedantries ring hollow and tinny. All your prattle about liberalism and conservatism, cash and quotas...as if Our Father Below weren't older than capitalism and communism combined. Splash about in your mud puddles, little ones. Absolute rubbish. I am embarassed for you. Oh what shall we do with the funny little things? says I. Boil them? Bake them? Stew them in a pot? Toast them? Roast them? Tie them in a knot? According to my files, none of you boys have spent serious time in monastic prayer, battling your demons. Your righteousness is thin indeed, as if you knew what true righteousness was anyway (right standing, you cry, plaintively). You bandy about that term so loosely, so proudly, so frequently. Based on faith, you say. Your faith? What is faith? The Devil can quote Scripture too, you know:
Abraham believed and it was credited to him as righteousness. (Rm. 4.3) Abraham encouraged Lot to pass his daughters off as whores to the men of Sodom to save his own sorry arse. (Gen 19) Then he did the same thing with his own wife (Gen. 20)! Abraham worshipped at the Jebus' Tree, the sacred high place of the Sorcerer, in Salem (Gen. 14). Abraham was all set to hack his son up--defying God's own prohibition--just to curry some divine favor (Gen 22). What a guy!
His belief in what was credited? Seems like God was getting desperate for followers...anyone would do. Your faith was handed down to you from doting, hopelessly ignorant mother to drooling, simpleton child; passed through the meat grinder of Time by self-deceived priests too stupid to pass on their own genetic material. Everything you thnk you know was parceled out to you in advance, a vague assurance clinging by its fingernails to the sheer cliff wall of superstition, wishful thinking, a cosmic lie: like the connect-the-dots constellations of the Greeks that were given names and legends so ancient astronomers might have a shot at getting laid. And your pathetic excuse for a blog is just another tragic example of potential genius and creative interaction being squandered by the pie-in-the-sky fantasies of religious schoolchildren who grow up to become self-absorbed preachers at the Olde Tyme Gospel Hour, syphoning energy, resources, and accolades off the sick and the poor they supposedly are there to help. You should be ashamed of your unfounded, unscientific, Ronald-Reagan-is-my-hero, can-someone-hold-by-hand-while-I-cross-the-street gibberish. If there is a God, He doesn't give a moment's thought to you and your pointless ramblings. I just thought you should all stop wasting our time. Permit me to goad you further: buy yourself a hankerchief and a notebook. Then wipe your snotty nose, kid, and write down the following truism in large capital letters, straight from a timeless, Second Circle perspective: Eat. Drink. Tomorrow you will die. To say nothing for the day after tomorrow. These are your short term, long term, and eternal priorities. ...absolute rubbish....


Blogger brian carlson said...

hhmmmmm..... just a bit of a clarification...... you are the only one wasting your time, and ours. If what we choose to discuss offends you that much, why don't you try doing what other grown ups do..... stop reading it. If you were the adult that you claim to be then you would be able to contribute to the discourse without belittling those with whom you disagree. So my advice to you would be to take your toys and go home, and come back when you can discuss things like a grown up.... Oh and .... have a nice day

7/29/2004 8:59 AM  
Blogger LifeAbundant said...

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7/29/2004 5:25 PM  

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