SLT Round 5

Not that I should be surprised, but God showed up in force at SLT 2004 and did His glorious life-transforming work in 80 students and over a dozen staff. Personally, some amazing views came from: 1. this month utterly redeeming and putting the closing latch on the "crash and burn" experience that was SLT 02 for me 2. I learned in practice that the Lord in fact has given healing in understanding how to love deeply, with safe emotional boundaries that don't hinder the quality of what's being given 3. seeing that as I call out gifts or barriers in people's lives, God uses that! (One of my family group students I told to not "hide behind his humor" as an emotional barrier and the last night he shared that at that word God took a hammer and shattered his "smoke and mirrors" and did work in him to see that if he "kept living behind the masks, that would be all he'd ever be." Umm, Wow. 4. God uses me to say/teach profound things when I'm feeling rather unprepared as well as when I feel like I'm on my game 5. I need prayers too, and God challenged me in a staff prayer time the day the students left to see how much He's provided me in terms of emotional support systems (the picture being like a slew of life preservers so many they're uncountable) and that for me to think I'm alone is a LIE from the pit of hell. Always good to be called out, too, I'm thinking. =) And tons more that will have to wait. Blessings all!


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