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Greetings all - Have you ever associated surfing with the UK? Well neither had I until I ventured down to Newquay which is about as far south-west as you can go in England. The sun was blazing with very little humidity, and the waves...well there were waves...but alas nothing compared to what I had seen in California. The water was freezing and there were loads of cuttle fish which have a nasty tendency of embedding themselves in the sand and then waiting for you to step on them; at which time they sting you. How very rude. I am into my fouth week of summer break, and while I still have a few weeks left, I am eagerly anticipating the start of a new academic year. I am teaching PE, Maths and English at GCSE level - which is strange only in that most people teach two subjects maximum at High School Level. It certainly shall be an interesting year, and while I know it shall stretch me enormously, it should also afford me considerable leyway when it comes to renewing my contract - perhaps moreso when I apply to private schools in the future. It is a year since I returned to England from Columbus, and I am blown away by the amount of changes that have taken place in the place I used to call home: Columbus. So many of the memories I have are associated with people who have themselves moved on, or now have children or are married. Truly this has been the year in which my life has been tangibly shifted into adult mode. Until now I didnt really see myself as an adult, and therefore allowed myself to wollow in adolescence for much longer than I ought. I definitely sense that I am entering a new phase of my life, and while I sonetimes want to linger in the years of adolesence, I have realised that I am freer now than I have ever been. I am at my wealthiest and yet seem to have less money than I had as a student. I am brighter, and yet feel that I know less with each day that passes. However, in spite of these things I remain hungry - and I pray this hunger deepens.


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