week in review

whoa. long time, no blog. time to rectify that. hehehe, rectify. this, in a nutshell, is my first week of gradschool in review. out-of-town visitors: 5 (patty, ella, kelly, kaitiln, mom) in-town visitors: 4 movies watched: 3 (spellbound, butterfly effect, bridgit jones' diary) pages read: 1,750 pages understood: 7 chapters read: 25 or 27, depending on your count chapters sworn over: at least 22 times dave uttered the phrase: "i can't believe the amount of work we have to do": 5 times I uttered the above phrase in the same amount of time: 10 sets of bookshelves assembled: 3 number of books on shelves: 900 plus or minus number of books still waiting to be shelved: 200 plus or minus times I've considered scrapping the whole grad school thing and going into business as a used book salesman: 3 greek mathematicians I have read about this week: 35 number I had heard of before: 2 number of their names that I can pronounce: 0 class days I can survive if I have to continue reading about greek mathematicians: 1/2 meals brooke has prepared in the last week or so: 25 number of times I've done dishes afterwards: 1 number of times I've used homework as an excuse to get out of doing dishes: 24 pages of reading to do before class today: 50 percent of those pages relating to greek mathematicians: 100% pages of reading to do before class wednesday: approx. 400 times i will look incredulously at the number of pages i have to read before i actually sit down to read them: 7 times i will close my eyes and mutter "it's only a dream...it's only a dream" before opening my eyes and noting that, in fact, it is not a dream: 3 times that b will remind me that significant things around the house like painting, putting together and moving furniture, and fixing the sink still need to get done: 9 times i will attempt to do those things rather than read: 5 amount of time spent on those projects before giving up: 11 minutes amount of time spent worrying about how I am going to do all the reading: 1 hr., 25 mins. amount of time spent reading: 29 to 36 hours length of time I retain the information I just read: 19 seconds and that, my friends, is a week in review. any questions?


Blogger John McCollum said...


Tried to make sense of all of your numbers. But I'm terrible at math.

It's all Greek to me.

I'm sick today. Feel like shiznit. Would feel better if I actually COULD shiznit. But it's not that kind of sick.


Can't wait to see you on the 11th.


8/30/2004 1:16 PM  
Blogger lucas said...

bet you really wanna play some ncaa 04 right now...

don't worry, i'll play some for you.

8/30/2004 2:20 PM  
Blogger Roja said...

Can you get out of doing Diapers too? YOu just put me off returning to the US to do a PHD. Perhaps you should drink some Robinsons Undiluted Cordial for good measure.

Rock on bro.

8/31/2004 3:12 AM  

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