Down and Out

Presently I am reading George Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London" which is absolutely enthralling to read because it is so natural, so honest. As a man that has neither been poor by worldly definition, nor out of contention with society, I often look at the poor, considering how much they are missing out on in this lifetime. Orwell challenges such a notion, and it ties in with something mentioned by John Ortberg in 'The Life You've Always Wanted'. Ortberg contends that in order to pursue God one must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from their lifestyle; Orwell suggests that one thing about being poor is that hurry is eliminated completely. I am considering carefully the implications of such statements, for while I acknowledge that there are times when we must be swift, I recognise that the hurry Ortberg talks of is a lifestyle rather than an occasion. Money and success, even at such meager levels, have not bought me more time, nor have the occasioned me to enjoy life to any greater extent: rather, riches have consumed my time, and success has burdoned my ego with desires for more - an addict I have become. I have taken it upon myslef to consider the hurry in my life during the next week, and shall report back on what I discover. Any thoughts?


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