no matter where you stand on the presidential election, you have to wonder about this logic. i'd like to say i'm impartial...or maybe apathetic. but i'm not. i'm ambiballbilous.


Blogger Seth said...

Yes. I am bothered by such illogic as well.

Sigh... not that I'm so PRO Kerry, but somewhere in Texas some village IS missing their idiot. :)

Have you heard my theory by the way? When people claim that God supports this canidate or the other... personally, I think with the choices we have God must be REALLY pissed.

I mean, I feel like we're more being punished then anything else!

Ok, I'll stop. I'm going to vote for Beer on Nov. 2nd, I think.

10/05/2004 1:48 PM  
Blogger John McCollum said...

I've always found you to be ambiballdextrous.

10/06/2004 8:16 AM  

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