not the best headline, but good news

john, i thought you would be especially interested in this


Blogger John McCollum said...


Yeah, that is good. Interestingly enough (not to cloud the previous issue further), GWB has done some good things when it comes to prostitution, including providing this kind of funding, making it a court-martiable (not a real word) offense for U.S. soldiers to visit prostitutes and making it easier to prosecute any American who goes abroad for the purpose of having sex with children.

Unfortunately, his irrational unwillingness to fund projects that provide condoms may end up making life worse for a lot of other sex workers elsewhere.

Crap. I didn't mean to get political. Like MG, I'm trying to stay out of it and only think about stupid things like OSU football and dead people.

I suppose I could pray or read my Bible...


10/12/2004 8:38 PM  
Blogger e said...

i think that's another example of how difficult it is to vote for bush or kerry: neither is unambiguously good or evil. both stand for things christians should support. both stand for things christians should abhor.

10/13/2004 9:16 AM  

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